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Seven Questions to Ask a Logo Designer

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    Waqas D.

Last updated: February 19th, 2020

Logo is definitely the most important element of designing a brand. From its colours and fonts, every single thing in a logo matters. A logo is ubiquitous factor that tails all the efforts you put in branding and communication. The reason why a logo is the most indispensable element where brand is concerned is because it is the window to your brand. It is a logo that represents your brand everywhere and establishes a brand’s identity. From products to packaging, marketing, copyrights and brand assets, the logo appears everywhere. Thus, it is of utmost importance that your logo must be designed by the best and it has the power to strengthen your brand or weaken it.

Now, the question is how to determine who can qualify for such an important position when it comes to designing your company’s logo. Here are seven questions to ask a Logo Designer when you are hiring one to design your brand’s face – A Logo.

Tell Me about Yourself and Your Journey

This question may sound very familiar and common but it cannot be denied that it is the most vital question that should be asked. Whether you are hiring a professional logo designer from a company or a freelance logo designer, and no matter for however short period you are doing so, it is essential to know the other person.

When you ask someone (logo designer) to give a glimpse into their personality, it lays the foundation of good work relationship. You will have an idea what their preferences are and what kind of work they have been doing and what are the things or elements that they dislike. From design aesthetic to their ambitions in life, you will have a better understanding of the person you may work with closely in the future.

What is Your Aesthetic Style?

A designer may be extremely creative but his or her creativity may be of no use to you if it doesn’t sync in with your style of work. A designer should be able to bring a client’s idea into design when it comes to logo designing. That is why it is essential to have an idea about the overall aesthetic style of a logo designer so that he or she can envision your ideas in alignment when designing your brand’s logo.

What do you look for in a Client?

Designing a logo is a collaborative effort and there should be camaraderie between the client and the designer. Therefore, you must give a chance to the designer to tell you what they look for in a client. What they expect matters too. For this purpose, it best to ask the question directly so there are no ambiguities. When you ask their perspective, it simplifies the process of assessing the compatibility. Instead of giving to conflicts in the future, it is better if any sharp differences spring up now before they turn into glaring imbalance.

What you need to remember with this question is that it does not define the other person’s skills as a designer and no judgment should be passed accordingly. This question is there to determine the logistics, payment methods and usually things that can be worked around if the designer is highly skilled and design the perfect logo according to your requirements.  

What is Your Time Frame?

This is definitely an important question. After discussing all the other details relating to your project and your targets for it, it is inevitable to ask how much time it will take. This is simply a precautionary question to have an idea in what timeframe the designer would be able to deliver the logo and whether it aligns with your overall timeframe or not.

Humans are not perfect and creativity may not fit a particular timeframe. The project may take longer than expected so along with asking for a definite timeframe, it is better to ask the potential logo designer what would be his or her plan B in case the design takes longer than expected. Such a question allows you to clear up ambiguities like extra charges and more.

Can you Show Credentials & Testimonials

Time is valuable – for both you and the logo designer you are interviewing. It is no use working with a designer whose work people do not really like or does not have good reviews. It will save you both your precious time if you ask for the designer’s credentials and testimonials in the beginning. Testimonials are not as visually accessible as the credentials and portfolio but they are extremely powerful as they come from real people who have previously worked with that designer.

Going through the testimonials will give you an idea how happy or unhappy the previous clients were with the work of this designer. You will have a general idea about their work ethics and the delivery of the project.

Which Designs or Brands are you a Fan of?

This is a question that carries a lot of value but only if it is framed exactly. You want your logo designed, so ask clearly which logo designs does he or she (the logo designer) admires the most. Relevancy of this question of utmost importance as you cannot determine anything if they give you their favorite designs of book covers instead of logo.

Why is it essential to ask this question? It is because, it is an insightful query which will give you a glimpse into the designer’s character, their aesthetic preference and further determine if their aesthetics align with your brand and your expectations or not. Last but not least, see if they use technical vocabulary when talking about it. It will help you determine how experienced and professional the designer is or isn’t.

What Else Should We Know About Each Other?

A good way to end an interview is to do so with open-ended questions that will give you both an in-depth insight about each other. This is where the question of knowing each other comes in. Allow the other person to ask questions about you or discuss anything that they have in mind. It is also a great opportunity to ask anything else from the logo designer if it was missed or not covered earlier.

However, here it is better to let the designer cover more area. Allow them to choose what they want to add to the dialogue and avail this opportunity to gain perspective on the designer without asking any questions. To prepare for the questions a designer may ask you, it is always better to research and read up on the topic.

Asking the right questions will help you hire a designer that thinks in sync with you and deliver a logo design to you that truly define your brand and kicks off with the targeted audience.

  • A Picture of Waqas D.

    Waqas D.

Waqas D. is the co-founder of the branding and website agency, FullStop™. He supercharge brands by crafting memorable logos, brand identities and engaging websites Besides thousands of startups and medium size businesses, FullStop clients have included Microsoft & L'Oréal. View our portfolio or get in touch.

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