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10 Benefits of Having SEO-Friendly E-Commerce Website

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    Waqas D.

Last updated: February 21st, 2020

Search engine optimization or SEO is incredibly for an e-commerce website. As an e-commerce website owner, you lose potential clients every day if your website isn’t optimized yet. SEO optimizes your website to increase organic traffic from various search engines. The trend of online purchasing and selling is immensely popular among internet users. In such a scenario, optimize your website and target your audience through these search engines like Google, Yahoo, YouTube and Bing. Make an optimized website design a part of your business strategy and you will be stunned by its ever-increasing benefits.

Here are a bunch of impressive advantages of optimizing an e-commerce website.

Improves Conversion Rates

One of the major benefits of an SEO-friendly e-commerce website is better or improved conversion rate. SEO enables your website to load faster. Optimized websites also become readable and quick to scroll. These factors are crucial to keeping a visitor on your website for a long time. SEO makes your website visible on almost every device. So, whether a user uses a tablet or handset, your website functions properly on anything. E-commerce websites that navigate without hindrance grab user’s attention within seconds and encourage them to either subscribe or visit again.

Dominate Search Engine

Website optimization can boost your online presence. SEO helps you in maintaining a noticeable ranking on search engines. Maintaining top position enable your target market to learn about your business more and more. When a customer becomes familiar with your online presence, brand and products, he/she might agree to place an order and become your customer.

Improves Close Rates

With SEO optimized e-commerce website, bringing a higher close rate is common. According to stats, SEO leads can help in generating a 14.6% close rate in comparison to outbound leads. Reaching out to customers doesn’t benefit your business and results in lower conversion rates. On the other hand, SEO leads where customer research internet for service or product, results in higher conversion rates. Most of the time, these customer has either requirement or purpose in mind and they scroll through different websites accordingly.

Generate Leads

As an online business owner, you need to bring visitors to your website. This is where SEO begins its magic. SEO can be your primary source to generate leads. A properly optimized website when it appears on top of the search engines encourages web surfers to visit your page. Take note that SEO effectively targets the audience that is interested in your business. Attracting the target audience and make them take an action on your website is the sole purpose of SEO.

Long-term Strategy

Before opting for SEO optimization, understand that it takes around six to 12 months to see the desired results. SEO needs time to boost ranking and takes a while to bring the ranking down. But, it is a long-term strategy. Websites that reach on top positions, enjoy their place for a long time. However, you need to keep an eye for any changes in Google algorithm or increasing SEO competition as these are the certain factors that might impact your ranking.

SEO Receives 90% Clicks

SEO sounds better than paid advertising. Experts suggest that organic SEO listings are the best to receive almost 90% of clicks. It is important to learn that most of the users aren’t interested in advertisement and skip the ads within seconds. So, investing your money in the advertisement isn’t worth it. Instead, the users on the internet put their trust in the Google algorithm than anything else. Therefore, opting for SEO optimized e-commerce websites will bring more traffic when you use certain keywords rather than an advertisement.

Brand Credibility

Be it first, second or even third, ranking on top of the search engines determines your worth and customers get an idea you are one of the top businesses in the industry. It showcases your popularity and solid online presence. When users researched about you, they view you as a credible brand and don’t hesitate to make a deal. If your e-commerce website ranks at the bottom, the customer will question your credibility. They might consider you as a newbie to the industry or assume that you don’t have enough budgets to improve your position.

SEO and Social Media

Being on the top of search engines means that numerous people will learn about your brand and what you do. This is another way to create an online presence including social media channels. In today’s business scenario where social media is necessary to market your products and generate traffic, you should consider using it for success. When a user finds your e-commerce website, they will tempt to see your social media too. They click on the given icons and might start following you too.

Brand Awareness

SEO optimization is an incredible tool when it comes to spreading brand awareness. As an e-commerce website owner, it is essential for you that the target market recognizes your brand. This also means whether the customers are familiar with your brand or not. Many experts agree on the fact that establishing brand awareness is necessary if you want to promote your product. In this case, SEO lets your product or website rest on the top of search engines making it easier for customers to notice your brand. Maintaining the position means internet users will see your brand more often and learn about you regularly.

SEO Grows Business

To grow your e-commerce business, you need to implement required marketing strategies including SEO. With the help of a secure organizational plan, you can beat your competitors and lead the market. If your competitors are still stuck in traditional marketing, you can take your business two steps ahead with the right SEO implementation. Keep an eye on the digital advancement if you want to ace the competition and be ready to learn and follow the innovation in digital marketing trends.

Final Word

SEO is ideal for your e-commerce website for so many reasons. The current digital world has changed drastically and offers a wide range of beneficial options to explore and achieve the goals you have set.

  • A Picture of Waqas D.

    Waqas D.

Waqas D. is the co-founder of the branding and website agency, FullStop™. He supercharge brands by crafting memorable logos, brand identities and engaging websites Besides thousands of startups and medium size businesses, FullStop clients have included Microsoft & L'Oréal. View our portfolio or get in touch.

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