Logo Design – Makeup Julia

Want to know what it takes to design a stunning identity design for a beauty brand? Let’s see creative process for ‘Makeup by Julia’.

The brand offers a variety of services e.g. Bridal, High fashion, Photoshoots, Cosplay, and Body art. Because of the various specialties of the brand, it was quite a challenging task to give ‘Makeup by Julia’ a face that would depict the skill and values of the brand.

Fullstop seized the opportunity and worked closely with Julia, the owner of the store, to work out a superb and unique brand identity.

Target Audience

Models between the ages of 18-25

Production Tools

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw

Logo Usage

Business Card, Facebook Cover, Design for clothing and vehicle

Logo Creation Process

Before starting off the production process, we collected every little detail about the brand and the application of the final logo in various places. Equipped with all the necessary information, it was easier for us to give our client what they had in mind and most importantly what was better for their business. We presented three initial design ideas that rendered an overwhelming response from the client.

Let's start by providing us some information about your brand vision and styles you prefer.

Concept 01

An excellent text mark with a modern and stylized typeface. Not too busy, distracting, or overly done but a simple illustration that promptly taps into viewers’ emotions. Professional simplicity, quality, and quirkiness are some of the attributes that define this logo design.

Concept 02

A creatively infused eyelash on top of the text characterizes the second design concept. A beautiful cursive font with a strong feminine feel makes it a special attraction for the target audience.

Concept 03

A clean and crisp design with great aesthetic appeal and recognizability. The elegant and graceful font shows off the strength and beauty the brand holds.

Client’s response

Like most of our clients, Julia loved the initial design process. This was how she responded, “HOLY SMOKES! I absolutely love the first one!... it’s perfect definitely worth the wait!”

Let's start by providing us some information about your brand vision and styles you prefer.

Final Selection of the Logo Design

The first design concept surfaced as the final brand identity for ‘Makeup by Julia’. In the final leg of the process, we rendered the selected logo design in different formats and finalized a complete package to deliver to the client. The final package includes artwork files, social media banners, and different icons for web and stationery usage.

Let's start by providing us some information about your brand vision and styles you prefer.

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